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Comments from a teacher

What horrible memories this brought up of primary school! I am left handed and I managed to resist my primary teachers attempts to turn my into a righty by taping a pen to my fingers.

That is terrible - I thought that stopped years ago!
sherlock had terrible problems - but he is 43 - my teachers were OK about it, if not exactly helpful.
Join the L-H club at the website - and the shop has loads of really useful stuff if you don't use it already - our house is full of it - poor Daniel is the only righty, so we are trying to be careful that he doesn't have the same problems we had in reverse at home!
I am so shocked at that! Teachers can be scary people!

I did a huge session on being left handed a while ago with my writers' group (I teach kids the joys of writing) as most of them are left handed - they were amazed at the pens I brought with me and scissors and peelers (not that any of them would admit to helping cook) such that I'd gotten off the LH club.

Luckily my father (also a lefty - though he didn't have any problem with school because they were too distracted by WW2) was very pro left handed with me when I was growing up - helping me make rubber grips for pens so it was more comfortable to use, buying scissors and such.

I fear that my primary teacher was at evil person. BUT I don't mind. Because at her leaving type this is your life evening event they did at school I was able to stand up (I'd left the school several years before but had been brought back as my mother worked there and they needed someone to sort out the power point and pictures flashing up on the backdrop) and tell the crowd (mostly staff and her family) what really happened - all the clubs that she had set up and were a "huge success" (my friends and other students from across the years had not heard of most of them!) the way she helped special students, bla bla bla...

By the end of my rather long speech (I got the feeling the staff didn't really like her that much by the fact that they didn't try and stop me / didn't cut the power to the microphone I was using / clapped very loudly when I walked off the stage having handed her a broken plate as her leaving present on behalf of ex pupils / and congratulated me heartily while pretending to tell me off for such outrageous behaviour...) she was bright red and crying like a fish


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