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Left-handed children are in most ways no different to righthanders and the same parenting skills are needed. We have done some research on parenting and put together the best articles and information links we have found on the subject. We hope you find our collection of resources about parenting helpful.

If you have any articles on parenting or can recommend any websites on parenting or any other #MASTER_KEYWORD resources that you think would be useful to others, pleae let us know.

parenting quotes: My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. - Clarence Budinton Kelland


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Left handed products - practical and individual

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Childrens scissors - cut shapes easily, accurately and comfortably childrens' pens and writing equipment - write smoothly and comfortably without smudging Left handed rulers - draw your lines from right to left Left handed pencil sharpeners - hold the pencil in the left hand and turn anti-clockwise to make it easy

Triangular pencils, fibretips and crayons to encourage the correct grip Boos and videos to help with writing, cutting and lefty life in general Left handed childrens sets and offers Lefty fun and games