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parenting quotes: Few things are more satisfying than seeing your own children have teenagers of their own. - Doug Larson

Real Christian Parenting

Real Christian Parenting
By Chelsea Aubin
There are a few types of parenting, called Christian that has caused a big debate. Some people actually link Christian with child abuse. This is not the case. In fact, many people don't have the facts straight, and do not know what Christian is all about.

On this issue of spanking, the rumor is that all Christian encourages spanking, yet this is very inaccurate information. In a world where everyone in conscious of abuse and child neglect, many people are reluctant to apply physical punishment to their child. While years ago spanking a child was found as suitable punishment and was accepted widely, today it is looked at in an almost fear. Child abuse today can take a child out of his or her home and away from their parents. There are two different views on spanking a child with any parent, even Christian parents. There are those who think that this method is effective, and isn't abusing the child. Then there are those who think that spanking their children will lead to abuse later, and that they could get their child taken away from them.

About ten years ago the practice of "Growing Kids God's Way". This method was originally accepted but quickly sprouted controversy. There are three main parts of this kind of parenting. The three are infant feeding, first time obedience, and servant hood. ...continued below/


Infant feeding is a technique that is supposed to show a child that he or she is not the center of the world. That his or her needs will be met, but maybe not at the time that they want it met at. This is almost the exact opposite of what most experts and parents believe, and that is that a hungry child should be fed when he or she is hungry.

The next part of "Growing Kids God's Way" is Servanthood. Servanthood is taught by modeling that the relationship between Mom and Dad takes priority over the children in all circumstances, and that Dad is the head of the household. Dinner is served to Dad first, and his needs and desires are most important. This creates a family hierarchy that places the children at the bottom.

The next is First Time Obediance. This is the thought that the child is to obey the parent the first time the parent asks the child to do something. If the child does not obey, then it is considered sinning, while if a parent asks the child again, the parent would be sinning because it would, it turn, be encouraging the child's behavior.

People believe that Christian parenting, or people who accept it, are agreeing to the "Growing Kids Gods Way" program. In reality, this way of raising children has become less and less popular with Christian parents for the same reason it is becoming out of favor with any "average" parent.

Because of a few ill-advised Christian programs, and because Christian parents are stereotyped as harsh, spanking disciplinarians, Christian principles are rejected. Christian isn't child abuse. It's simply by Christians, who are looking for the same answers and guidance everybody else is.
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